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Preparation of Tax Returns and Tax Planning

Amended Tax Return
At NKA Accounting Solutions we prepare all the documents required for filling of Tax Return. We do it efficiently, accurately and at affordable price.

Here, we also assess your tax positions and develop strategic tax planning, opportunities that includes transaction restructuring in order to minimize tax consequences and alternative filing options.  We are offering variety of services including Income Tax Return Preparation Service, Tax Planning Service etc under the same roof.

Allottment of PAN number

In India it is a must to have Permanent Account Number (PAN). Whether you file income tax or not, PAN is an important document, which authenticates the genuineness of a person or the entity. The PAN is required in financial transactions, business dealings, home and other loans etc. It is a ten-digit alphanumeric number issued in the form of a card by the Income Tax Department. We help our clients in getting all the paper works done so that you can have your own PAN.

Filing of Return of Income

It is always advisable that you should file the income tax return even if your annual income is within the exemption limit. This is important because if you file the return, you will actually get a refund, which you have already paid by means of TDS. The filing is not an easy work. It requires lots of paper work. We provide expert guidance in filing of returns, keeping you at ease throughout the process.

Wealth Tax

Wealth Tax is the tax paid annually for owning property, jewelry etc. having total value above the specified limit. The tax is paid on the market value of the property, even if it does not yield any income. We offer our expertise in calculating wealth tax and are always updated with all the benefits and reductions offered by the tax department.

Capital Gains

Capital Gains are those incomes that are derived from the sale of an investment such as home, farm, family business, work of art, shares etc. It is the difference between money received from selling and the price paid for it calculated on the basis of the inflation within that period. Capital gains are differentiated according to the period of holding and therefore are taxed differently. We will help you in calculating the exact value of capital gain and also guide you with the various possibilities that would limit your tax liability to the minimum extent.

Specific Advice

Apart from above mentioned return filing services, income tax planning services and wealth tax planning services , we also provide specific advices. In past we have helped many of our clients in solving their specific financial and related problems.

Customized Consultancy for Investment in India

There are many channels opened for investing in India. They are through Branch Offices, Liaison/ Representative Offices, Forming a Company etc. We provide with reliable consultancy according the requirements of our clients.

Arbitration Services

Tax Return Filing Preparation
We have a very rich experience in representing our clients successfully in international as well as domestic arbitration. It can be offline & online mediation or any other forms of alternative dispute resolution. The attorneys at our end have acted as counsels and arbitrators.

We provide this services in all matters related to financial disputes with the objective of encouraging negotiated resolutions. We have experienced success in past by bringing challenging matters to satisfactory conclusions. We assure you that our professionally qualified and experienced team of arbitrators will get you the best Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Solutions.

Internal Audit

Federal and State Tax Preparation
The main objective of Internal Audits is that it functions as a service to management by providing independent, management oriented advice on an organisations operations and performance. It aims at the promotion of efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the management processes, and also the reliability and accuracy of operations. We provide better internal audits for any company of any industry. The management Audits are done by group of professionals who are experts in the field since years.

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